Saturday, January 18, 2014

Architecture, Art, and A Whole Lot of Eating

Hello. I am currently sitting on my mini couch in my jamies. This will be a short and thoughtful post as I am sleepy and want to go to bed soon. 

This country has so many beautiful buildings and so much history, that I cannot even keep up with it all. I am amazed by how much detail goes into everything and I am really trying to take it all in by not taking so many pictures. That sounds kind of contradictory because pictures allow you to old onto a memory forever, but I get so distracted by taking pictures because I want the right angle, lighting, pose, etc. You catch my drift. This was especially true yesterday when I went to Salamanca, Spain. There are two cathedrals, Catedral Vieja de Santa Maria and Catedral Nueva, that are just beyond words. A photograph could definitely not capture the detail. I will admit I got a little emotional inside the cathedral only because I was thinking how beautiful it is to build a church like this one in appreciation of your faith. In the city of Salamanca, the dome of the cathedral is the highest point. When I looked up at the dome from inside the church, I got a little dizzy, but I did not look away because I kept thinking about how much effort, time, and care went into building the dome.

Salamanca is also home to the first university in Spain, University of Salamanca. So it is pretty old. On one of the details on the outer part of a university building, there is a sculpture of a small frog and to those who find it, will have an abundance of good luck. Lucky me, I could not see it and everyone else around me could. People kept trying to point it out to me so I eventually just agreed and said, "oh yea I see it..." Although I actually might have, I am not too sure though. There was this building that I loved called Casa de las Conchas (House of the Shells) because it had shells that surrounded the entire building. I hate to admit this, but it also reminded me of the TV show, Spongebob Squarepants, which always brings a smile to my face. Other than the beautiful architecture, the city was unexpectedly surrounded in graffiti and street art. I really liked that. I saw it as two colliding worlds coming together in some way. One more thing about Salamanca. I found one of my favorite things in the whole world here. Boba!! Let us just say, I was very happy on this cold day.

Salamanca, EspaƱa

Catedral de Santa Maria

The dome of the cathedral

After renovation, a astronaut was added to the cathedral's detail lol

University of Salamanca-Can you spot the froggy?

Casa de las Conchas

Catedral de Santa Maria

Plaza Mayor

Today, I woke up late and met up with a group of girls I met here in Spain. We went to the Mercado de San Miguel. It was the best. It was a bit crowded, but that added to its appeal. The mercado was made up of stands that sold small servings, which was great so I could try various things. Let's just say I spent more than I should have on food today. I could not help myself! There were tapas, croquetas, sangria, and a pastry area. I got a mini ice cream. After, we walked around trying to find a little cafe because the girls wanted an espresso. I noticed this restaurant that looked interesting and realized it was the oldest restaurant in the world! Okay, so before I came to Spain I watched an episode of Bizarre Foods with my family and wrote down places I should go to in Madrid. This restaurant was one of them, so it was a nice little surprise. Eventually, we made our way over to Museo Nacional del Prado. It is an extremely large museum and so we only saw a couple rooms. Overall, it was a good day, the highlight of course being the food.

Oldest restaurant in the world

This post was longer than I had in mind, oopsies. Now, I am definitely ready for sleep. 


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