Friday, January 10, 2014

Full Recovery Mode

So it has officially been two days since I landed in Madrid. I was so exhausted, not so much due to jet lag, but because I had not slept in practically three days (excluding a couple naps here and there). Naturally, I took an eight hour nap, woke up to eat my first Spanish dinner, which consisted of white rice, meatballs with a sauce, and a delicious warm vegetable drink that I cannot remember the name of. After, I slept for another eight hours. I am not too sure if that is really healthy to be sleeping so much, but I do not regret any of it. I would do it again if I could.  

Yesterday was my first full day in Madrid. I had orientation all day, so my roommate and I figured out the metro system and made our short fifteen minute trip to the campus. My roommate by the way is so sweet and I think we'll be getting along just fine this semester. My new campus is beautiful and very small, not like anything I expected. After orientation, I signed up for two trips for the weekend! Tomorrow (Saturday) I am going to Parque Natural del Monasterio de Piedra. On Sunday I am going to Toledo. I knew I had to sign up to go to Toledo after my taxi driver from the airport told me it was one of the must see cities during my time here. I also went on my first official tour of Madrid, which was pretty short and I wish my student tour guide did a little better job showing us around. He would literally point to a street and say "If you keep walking down there, you'll see so and so"... aren't you supposed to show us... Lucky for me though I still got to see some amazing sights such as the Plaza Mayor, el Palacio Real de Madrid, and Alumudena Cathedral (located in front of el Palacio).
Palacio Real de Madrid

Almudena Cathedral
Along with everything, I am really happy with the home stay mother I chose. She is an incredibly sassy, caring, and lovable woman. I have learned so much about her already and it has only been two days. I love listening to her talk about her current and past life. She can also teach me so much about Spain because she loves history. I also get to practice my Spanish a lot, which is perfect. I am excited about the relationship we'll build and the influence she will have during my time here in Madrid. I took a picture of my view outside my window I thought I would share below. 

One last thing...I would be lying if I said I did not miss home. I am overwhelmed with emotion! I am really excited on one hand, but it is hard staying this way when I know it will take some time to find my groove here. I only started missing home more after skyping my boyfriend last night and my parents very early this morning. I cannot wait to see them, but it will be a while until then. My mom shared some of her weekly wisdom with me that I need to remember during my time here. 
I am in Madrid!! It can't get any better than that. 
Second story view!

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