Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Year I Got My Groove Back


My last post was from about two years ago. I skimmed through my old posts and I couldn't help but smile about all the adventures I documented on my blog from my travels abroad, falling in love, spending the summer in San Francisco, and anything else that was on my mind in 2014.

Moving Forward...
It's obviously too difficult to recount the last two years so I will start and end with 2016. This year I encountered some of my lowest moments and highest achievements. Here are just a few:


I got a puppy. His name is Milo. He's a rascal. 
I broke up with someone after two loving years. 
I visited my best friends in their new cities around the US.
I went to lots of concerts and one music festival.
I went to Mexico and visited my family.
I made lots of memories spending time with my mom and dad.
I continued to explore San Francisco.
I made new friends.
I dated someone new. 
I listened to Zayn consistently for almost three months. 
Still listening to him.
I got caught up on pop culture, social justice issues, music, and film.
I endured an incredibly difficult election. Still reeling.
I had one of the most amazing birthdays ever. It was a surprise.

All this happened (and so much more) while I was unapologetically myself, making mistakes, learning lessons, and trying to take advantage of every opportunity that landed in front of me (or that I looked for). Although this year has been an emotional roller coaster, I think this has been one of the best years I could have ever imagined because I didn't know what to expect.

Heartbreak is never easy, especially when it happens right before Valentine's Day...but I learned to love myself again and finally do things for me. Figuring out what I wanted to do with my degree and the direction to head in for my career has and continues to be stressful...but I know that I am destined to do something I truly love and I am great at. Living back at home with my parents can be overwhelming...but I have never felt closer with my parents. Raising a puppy with your parents is extra stressful...but Milo has been the most amazing gift. Being far away from my siblings and best friends can feel so lonely...but I know they're only a phone call away and I will always go out of my way to see them and vice versa.

Honestly, this list can go on forever. What I am getting at is I learned so much about myself in my first year of post-grad life that I was never expecting. I learned that stress is temporary and are followed up by some incredible lessons and memories. I have met so many amazing people, while continuing to strengthen my bonds with my family and oldest friends. Everyone has made a profound impact on my life this year and even though I felt low in so many ways, I finally got my groove back. I just have to keep it up and I know I will. I know we still have one more month left of 2016, but up until now, this moment as I write my first blog post and hopefully not my last, I am so happy to raise my glass and say, it was a good one. 


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