Friday, January 17, 2014

21 weeks...or something like that

It has officially been more than a week since I arrived in Madrid. I think it went by fast, but at the same time it feels like I have been here for a while. I purposefully chose my study abroad program because it was a five month program while many others were only three months. Just yesterday, I filled out my calendar trying to calculate potential weekends I can go away to explore this beautiful continent while still keeping up with my school work (I feel like a dork admitting that) and I am overwhelmed that my time here in Madrid may pass by in a flash. I officially have seventeen and a half weeks until my program is over.

Okay so here's the thing, I have not exactly bought my plane ticket home. My hope is that I will be able to stay an additional week or two to do all the traveling that I did not get to do during the semester. *fingers crossed this happens* So when my loved ones asked, "oh, when are you coming back?" I did not have a straight answer and would tell them the latest June 1. Given the information I provided, that gives me about twenty-one weeks at the max until I come home. I am only now calculating the amount of weeks thoroughly to write this post and tell you about one of my best friends. She's the best friend I mentioned in my first blog post who I text everyday and has been my friend for eight years now. Oh man, we have seen each other grow up so much not just physically (braces and pimples and all) but also emotionally. She has really been there for me and I would say I am incredibly blessed to call her my best friend. Right before I left, she surprised me with a really special gift that will make my weeks here a little easier. She wrote little notes for each approximate week I would be gone. Yes, it is very romantic of her, but that's kind of how our relationship is.

When you have known someone for a long period of time, they know you in ways most people don't and maybe never will. Those best friends see another side of you that you have trusted them to see, they know your flaws and strengths, your secrets, and have accepted every aspect of your being. These best friends can be anyone, from a sister or brother, boyfriend or girlfriend, mom or father, college friend or elementary friend. My best friend has helped me grow into the person I am today and even though we're a part from each other a majority of the year (especially this year) I know she'll always be there for me. That is what is so special about best friends, you can always count on them in almost any situation. Hell, they may even know you better than you know yourself sometimes as that is definitely the case with my best friends. I just know, life would definitely not be the same without them and even though I am miles away, they feel like they're right here with me.


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