Thursday, January 30, 2014


I just want to start off by admitting I was a mini paparazzi last weekend. I couldn't help myself! The fashion in Spain (Europe in general, really) is amazing. Every woman on the street, males, babies, and even dogs are dressed head to toe in fashion forward outfits. One of the first things I noticed in Madrid that are a must this winter season is FUR. Not faux fur, but real fur...or at least it looks real to me. I feel like I stand out as a complete tourist because I seemed to miss the memo and forgot to bring my mink coat from home. I'm kidding. 

I am not sure how the Spaniards and Europeans do it, but they look fabulous. I will see women on the metro on my way to school, mind you it is a regular Monday or Tuesday, and they'll be going to work in their fur vests or long fur coats. I know what you are thinking, fur can be incredibly overwhelming and possibly a little tacky too. I would definitely have to disagree with the array of outfits I have seen. They will add a designer purse and short little booties to the outfit and they're set for the streets of Madrid. I know I would never be able to pull off this look or really want to, but I admire the courage it took these woman to look in their closet and say, "Gonna put my fur on today." I mean I am hoping the fur is fake, which is unlikely, but somehow it just works. Even the older generation are rocking the fur coats, some are even matching with their girlfriends (see below for evidence). 

Overall, seeing fur at least ten times a day is just something that I kind of appreciate. This is because I am reminded I am not home, I am in Madrid. Not only is the food, Spanish, and architecture different, but also the fashion. I love me some stylish women, so I cannot wait to see what other trends I will be seeing while I am here.

Fur in front of the famous Metropolis
Fur twins

Fur vest in front of a commercial shoot


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