Saturday, January 25, 2014

I am never really alone.

I usually have my door closed when I am in my room, but during the afternoons I like to keep it open. I prefer the door open as the sun shine lights not only my room, but the hallway as well. Today, I got a little visit from a certain friend of mine. One name, Nana. I was on my computer when I saw some movement in my peripheral and I look over to see Nana sitting in my room. I decide not to shoo her away (I mean I eventually do) immediately. Instead, I sat on my bed to take a few pics of her when all of a sudden she comes up to my bed and jumps up. I have never had a cat before so I kind of start talking to her like she was a dog, shooing her and trying to move my covers so she would get off. That did not do anything, but cover her head and she nuzzled into my covers more. All I kept thinking was, "omg, cat hair..." and so I made her get off my bed. I realize now that I like her company. I have even become immune to her meowing that it does not even bother me, it is kind of cute.... Kind of. When no one is home, it is comforting to have a little friend around the house.

Also, don't judge me for not making my bed.


Loving life in my bed


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