Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Sky is Pink

The sun sets around 6:30 pm here, which does not necessarily mean the day is coming to an end since the night life is just getting started. I have been here already two and a half weeks and it seems the days come and go. Sometimes, when I am walking around the city square or walking home from school(I have been doing a lot of walking, which is good since the amount of baguette bread I am consuming is getting out of control), I will look up and see the sun setting. I think to myself, the day is already coming to an end? but it just started. However, the sunset never fails to ignite a certain feeling in me. I do not always have my camera with me and I am happy about that. I appreciate the moment because I am surrounded by constant beauty that even the sky wants to reflect the life here in Madrid. The sunset may look the same everyday, but they never seize to amaze me that sometimes I cannot help but take a quick picture.

On my way home from school, the view in front of my apartment

Sunset in Sol

...Ok, so I made this post earlier in the day before I went out. I stayed out until sunset and it was again, so amazing. Oh, Madrid.
Sunset in Parque del Retiro

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