Wednesday, February 26, 2014

6 Things I Adore #2

1. Té con leche (Tea with milk) 
I have always been a tea with honey kind of girl. However, Madrid has changed my tea ways as I will find almost any excuse to order tea with milk on the side. It all started when my home stay mom came into my room a couple weeks ago asking me if I wanted some tea. I said of course because I love tea. She proceeded to tell me the tea was from her son, who brought it back from Thailand for her. She put some milk in it and honestly, it was the best cup of tea I have ever had. After that, my obsession began...I was at a bar a couple weeks ago and I literally asked for "a cup of black tea with milk please." No regrets. 

2. Film
I have always had a obsession with film, spending hours watching movie trailers and finding it near impossible to decide on a movie because there are so many great ones I have yet to watch. I love all kind of films from the really sappy romantic stuff to the complex, mind straining films. I have a really deep appreciation for film in the way you can forget about your reality and be sucked into another one. I have related to many films and some have opened my mind to places, experiences, and people I have never considered before. I hope one day I can continue to build on my love for film...we shall see.

3. Tourist attractions
Recently, I have developed a desire to do the really dorky, stereotypical touristy things. Currently on my bucket list is take the Hop-On Hop-Off city tour in San Francisco. I will do it, just you wait. 

4. Dancing
If you know me, even a little, you know that I love to dance. I have never taken dance lessens, which is something I regret now. However, that has not stopped me from trying new things, especially within the last year. A year ago I was part of the Hawaiian Club at my college back home and performed at the annual luau. Although I was in the back during the show, I did not care, I still did my thing. I learned how to Tahitian dance in a semester, which is a really great experience. I am actually considering doing it again in the future, but only if I have time. This semester I am taking a Flamenco class. I am learning new techniques of Flamenco, some Sevillanas dances, Rumba, and Tangos. I really enjoy it because some of the moves we learn are challenging and others I just feel the rhythm. We have a performance at the end of the semester...Dancing has been a nice de-stresser for me. I kind of forget about everything and follow the music, which is why I adore it so much.

5. Dogs
All I will say about this is I dressed up as a Dalmatian when I was about four or five years old for Halloween, I used to act like a dog and lick water out of a bowl at this age...and every Christmas list and birthday candle was all in hopes for a new puppy. A Golden Retriever to be exact and my wishes were finally answered years ago. (Oliver: born 10/11/2003)

6. Rainy days on Sundays
When I think of Sundays, I think of complete relaxation and family time. It is the day neither of my parents work, so we usually go out for brunch and then we'll either go to the movies or rent one. If it is raining, we'll stay inside all day next to the fire place and watch up to three movies. My dad usually falls asleep within the first ten minutes of the movie. That's okay though. I usually get a slurpee too with a bag of Rips candy. I just really enjoy being lazy.


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