Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adoring Michelle Williams, Her Hair, and Her Closet

It has been a while since I did a little segment on fashion. I have recently been looking up potential hair cuts for when I return back home...honestly, long hair just is not my thing. I thought I was going to do all these cute styles with it, but I am far too lazy, and besides braiding or curling it, I am not really sure what else to do with my hair. Anyways, when I was out last weekend with my friend, I told her how I admire women with really great hair cuts as I pointed to a woman behind me with a fierce hair cut. She turned to me and said, "You could pull that look off." haha...Anyways, the next day we got talking about cutting my hair and she told me I should do a hair cut similar to Michelle Williams. So, upon my return back to Madrid, I have been doing extensive research on Michelle Williams. Besides being incredibly adorable, I realized, woah, she has some style. Not only is she stylish on the red carpet, but her street style is something I am a huge fan of. This post is looking at Michelle Williams, that fabulous hair cut of hers, and her street style. I hope I am half as stylish as her when I am a mom...or even now being a 20-something year old...

♪ Disclosure-White Noise 

Black on Black

These two looks are perfect for Fall/Winter. I have no idea who the designers are, but it is the idea. I love wearing skirts with warm leggings and cute booties during the Fall/Winter time. It adds an alternative to the usual sweater and pants look, adding a feminine touch and hinting that Spring is just around the corner. The beanie adds as a perfect accessory and that coat...perfect. The second look is very classic, but just as perfect during the cold months. She layers a striped sweater (every closet must have!) over a button up. The sweater and shirt add a pop of color as she wears a black coat, jeans, and boots...Let us take a moment to admire that hair of hers.

Red Clog Lovin'

These two street style looks are my favorite from Michelle. They are very simple both just two pieces of clothing and a cute purse. You can especially never go wrong with pairing a jean jacket with any look, especially a summer dress. The simplicity of the outfits overall allow the red clogs to grab your attention, adding a sensational pop of color. Ugh, I want those shoes! I love that she decided to wear red shoes with both outfits, especially the first one because it is an unlikely pairing with the blue/gray flannel. However, it is a perfect pairing.

An Array of Patterns

Michelle Williams knows how to work her patterns. These two are again simple, but very edgy. Why have I never thought about pairing a simple button up with printed pants? Or my polka dot top with a printed short? I love how in both outfits adding a flair to something many (including me) would just add a white t-shirt with because nothing else seems to go. No. That is definitely not the case as patterns are so fun to mix and match with. Never go with a plain white t-shirt, always try to mix it up and if necessary, have Michelle be your guide.


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