Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Day in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

The first trip I purchased here while in Spain was to Prague, Czech Republic. Not only have I heard really great things about Prague, one of my best friends from high school, Nicolina, is studying abroad there for the semester. So there were two reasons I had to make it out to Prague, especially to see her. I am so happy I did because it was a trip I will always remember.

First full day in Czech Republic, my friend suggested to go to Kutná Hora, located in the countryside about an hour outside of Prague. The claim to fame for this small city is the bone church, literally an entire church decorated with human skeletons inside. Before we headed out, she took me to a park she had discovered that has a view of Prague and a mini zoo at the top. Afterwards, we managed to navigate ourselves to the train station and make it in time for the afternoon train.

 Once we arrived, we were looking for the city center. In Prague they speak Czech... Nicolina and I have no knowledge of Czech... I am assuming we looked very lost because two older men offered to guide us to the city center. We began talking with them to only learn that they just moved to the city about a month or two ago after living in California for fourteen years. It makes you really think how small the world is that two girls born and raised in California would meet two men who lived right outside of San Francisco. After seventeen years together, they had gotten married only last year and were planning their ceremony in Kutná Hora in a couple weeks. We ended up spending all day with them and they became our personal tour guides for the day. We never made it to the bone church, but that did not really matter. I learned a lot about them and their love for one another is engraved in my memory. They have traveled all over the world together and it made me incredibly hopeful for the future and the places I may see. My friend and I could not stop laughing how spontaneous our day was, but it was nonetheless a really great day.

Bird Whisperer

Nicolina trying to navigate through Prague...I am just taking pictures

Adorable store in Kutná Hora

View of Kutná Hora
Road to St. Barbara Church
Nicolina and our tour guides in front of St. Barbara Church


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