Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Madrid, España: iPhone Edition

I have been really excited to post these pictures. Five weekends ago (omg time flies) was one of the most beautiful weeks in Madrid. I enjoyed the sun everyday, which made me miss California more. However, I am slowly becoming more in love with Madrid and by the end of my semester I know I will be terribly sad to leave. Every corner is more beautiful than the last corner. The people, the buildings, the trees, and even the dogs are just so beautiful to me. Then you add a little sunshine and it becomes a perfect day. I absolutely adore it and I really hope this means the sun is here to stay. 

I went to Parque del Retiro two days in a row and I am so happy I did. I explored some parts of the park I had not had a chance to visit yet. There were so many people, I do not think one piece of Retiro was not covered by a family, a couple, friends enjoying a picnic or dogs playing fetch. It seems as if all of Madrid was at Retiro that weekend. I then explored some small adorable streets off of Paseo del Prado, right next to Retiro, only to realize I had been there before. I would have continued to explore except my feet could no longer withstand the pain so I had to head home...after I treated myself to a milk tea with boba of course. Those two days I decided not to bring my camera and I am really happy I did not, but I captured some great images of Madrid on my iPhone. The quality may not be the best because my phone is old for technology standards...I have only had it for two years, but whatever. Please listen to the song by Lykke Li, which I have played on repeat while writing this post, and the last couple of weeks. Let's fall in love with Madrid together.

♪ Lykke Li-I Follow Rivers (Magician Remix) 

Piece of art from free mini museum in Parque del Retiro 
Spring is coming!
My best friend 
Peacocks in Parque del Retiro

Night view from my room

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