Thursday, June 19, 2014

Frolicking with the Best

Hello. Can I just say that I definitely believe there is nothing better than exploring cities with some of your best friends. Whether it is a small town or a big city, just having the company of your best friends allows for good conversation, laughs, and memories we will always think about in the near and far future. That was definitely the case when my best friend, Danielle, spent the weekend with me. 

Okay, so I will admit, I was a little overwhelmed at the possibilities of our weekend together because I had never had a friend stay with me in my apartment. I made sure to have an endless list of things we could do, even though, looking back now, that was completely unnecessary because we tend to go with the flow when we are together. Let me just say, our day couldn't have gone any better. 

San Francisco decided to be beautiful and warm on our main adventure day which was perfect because we were planning on spending some time outside. We decided to go to the Presidio for the Off the Grid: Picnic at the Presidio. I have attached the link below so any one who is in the area can spend a perfect Sunday here, I highly suggest it! As soon as we arrived, we saw a huge crowd scattered throughout the lawn positioned toward the ocean and the fog covered Golden Gate Bridge. We spent a good couple hours here, Danielle even got sun burnt on her shoulder. After enjoying our lunch and an ice cream dessert, we headed toward the Palace of the Fine Arts. From there, we headed to the luxurious Marina District homes looking over the waterfront. I had never walked so closely to these mansions that I loved looking at the details often missed driving by. We continued our walking extravaganza and made our way over to Chestnut Street to do a little shopping. I realized I made Danielle walk more than expected that with a combo of sunshine and walking, we were getting pretty tired... but our day was not over yet.

Later in the evening, I got dinner with two of my favorite people, Danielle and my boyfriend, Daniel. Afterwards, we headed to Sutro Baths and a secret passage way Daniel had been to before looking out towards the ocean and GG Bridge. It was so beautiful here, especially because we were quick enough to make it to sunset. The sunset and ocean were the perfect backdrop to end our day. Looking back now and writing this post I realize how lucky I am to have spent time with people I love very much in a city I love dearly. I would have just been happy to have eaten dinner with them, because it is the little things that really warm my heart. 


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