Sunday, June 15, 2014

Picnic in the Park

I moved back to the city about two weeks ago. As I am getting older, the time always seems to be going faster. Regardless, I am trying my best to enjoy every moment even as the days seem like they are passing by. I am spending most of my summer working, luckily only Monday through Friday, which gives me the weekends to enjoy the city or go home. My first official weekend in San Francisco is one for the books. Saturday, let's talk about Saturday first. 

So Chipotle, the Mexican chain food restaurant, was putting on a free event in Golden Gate Park. I was unsure about what the event was actually for, but I assumed to promote their restaurant with food booths, professional chefs, and life performances. I heard Charli XCX was going to be there (Iggy's sidekick in her song "Fancy") so I had to go. I was excited because it meant the chance to hang out and finally picnic with my boyfriend, Daniel. We had been talking about going on a picnic the week prior, but it was cold and windy out so we postponed the date. We picked the perfect day to do so too, because unlike most of the summer days in SF, it was actually sunny out. We had our little picnic outside of the Chipotle event and scarfed down some Lou's sandwiches. Afterwards, we headed into the event where each booth had a line at least with a 10 minute wait. We just walked through the event and it was actually really awesome. Not only were they promoting their restaurant, they were providing awareness about GMO's and other fast food meals compared to their healthier option.

We walked toward the stage just in time to find a great seat for the short set by Charli XCX. She sang my favorite song by her (enjoy below). Overall, it was a relaxing and successful day.

♪ Charli XCX- "SuperLove" 

Charli XCX


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